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The Most Powerful Way to Discover Exactly What You Need to Create Your Financial Freedom and How To Do It….

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  • NEW! 10 CORE Training Modules 
  • NEW! Worksheets + Tools + Case Studies + Alternative Investing Masterclasses
  • PLUS: 5 Live Module Overview Training & Coaching Calls with ME!

TOTAL VALUE = FFU $1997 + BONUSES - Value = $11 267

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Value = $8385.00

  • 1 Year of Monthly Q&A and Mentoring with Ann.   Value = $ 4997.00
  • Recording of Financially Free You Live.              Value = $ 397.00
  • Membership of the FFU Private Facebook group Value = $ 997.00

FREE Bonus training programmes -

Value = $885.00

  • Squeezing the Juice 30 Day Challenge.        Value = $ 297.00
  • How To Design Your Unique Wealthy Life. Value = $ 197.00
  • Healing Money Shame.                                    Value = $ 197.00
  • Creating Money Savvy Kids.                            Value = $ 97.00
  • How To Ride The Variable Income Waves.  Value = $97.00

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FINANCIAL FREEDOM UNIVERSITY is a 10-Module online training programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to become financially free no matter your starting point

Whether you are deeply in debt, just getting by, or are already on your way and want to accelerate your journey, then Financial Freedom University is for you.

Feel confident knowing you have
a plan and the skills to create it.
Financial Freedom University
will show you how.

Susan Mills

A total transformation! Before FFU we weren’t managing our current monthly financial commitments let alone our future well-being. Now we’ve cleared over $55000 in debts, have our emergency fund, savings and an investment portfolio in place without earning more... and have more free time to spend with our kids and not work as hard. 




    • Have the skills to evaluate and invest in the stock and property markets – knowing where they fit into your financial freedom plan, what to invest in and how to manage it easily and safely.
    • Discover different passive income businesses, know which ones are right for you and how to find and create them.
    • Break free of “bad” consumer debt so your money works for you and not against you.
    • Understand leverage and learn how to use “good” debt to accelerate your financial freedom.



  • Know how much is enough, and how to create it in a way that enables you to live a great quality of life now and know you can stop working and still live the life you deserve.
  • Know where to start and what to focus on during each stage so you can relax knowing you’re on the right track.
  • Know what questions to ask and how to evaluate if an investment or product is good for you and your wealth.



  • Know how to convert your investments from growth to income generating assets when you’re ready to stop working.
  • Structure your investments to minimise risk and maximise your returns.
  • Sleep well at night knowing you and your loved ones are protected with the right insurances no matter what life may throw at you.



  • Have a simple money management system that supports your lifestyle, enabling you to meet all your needs, and treat yourself and those you love without feeling guilty or worried.
  • Have simple and easy to implement money management systems in place that support your lifestyle and don’t become a burden.


Finally You Will Relax Knowing You’ve Got

Your Money Stuff Sorted!

Amanda Alexander  United Kingdom

FFU has been life changing. I feel that not only has my financial intelligence just taken a gigantic leap, but so has my self-belief and focus. The investment I made in money and time has brought me a return far, far greater than the original sum invested.

A note from Ann ...

I'm so looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch and CREATE your own financial freedom!

Today's the day you finally learn the step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to get your money working hard for you, so you can live a rich juicy life now,

and also know you will be able to stop working and still live the lifestyle you desire.


I guarantee it!


Explode your wealth knowledge with the Five Pillars of Freedom delivered through 10 powerful modules!

Pillar 1: Discover, Develop and Design

I'm going to walk you step by step through the entire process of understanding the fundamentals of wealth creation, getting your wealth foundations in place, setting up your wealth tools and designing your destination so you are ready to create your freedom.

Module 1: Financial Freedom Foundations

You'll Discover:

  • the fundamentals of personal financial success, knowing what information is required and why;
  • the tools and systems needed to provide your money great leadership;
  • your old money flow pattern and what to do to change the pattern to that of a wealth creator;
  • where you are financially right now - getting very clear on your starting point; and
  • where you are headed - knowing what a wealthy life is for you and determining (exactly) how much you need to be able to live your dream life without having to work.

And you'll Develop your Five Wealth Creation Tools.

These are the building blocks and core principles on which you will build your entire financial freedom feast. You can create significant wealth and live an incredibly rich life that you love just with what you’ll learn here.

Module 2: Design Your Own Financial Freedom Journey

In module two we get your unique Financial Freedom Plan Designed.

Clarity gives you peace and power.

By the end of this module you’ll know where you are now, what you have, where you’re headed, how much passively generate income you need to never have to work again, and the steps along the journey to create it – no matter your age or your starting point.

Pillar 2: Leadership and Value

This is where you take control of your financial destiny by giving the money in your life clear direction and leadership.

Module 3: Wealth Pie

I’ll walk you step by step through Wealth Recipe One - Wealth Pie and get this powerful money leadership system set up in your life.

With Wealth pie you’ll have an easy to manage, money management system that makes sure you have money available for each area of your life, enabling you to live the life you want now and ensuring your financial freedom is sorted. YES - it really is possible!

Module 4: Squeeze The Juice

This is where you become a brilliant value maker. It is here that we turn our attention to Squeezing The Juice and helping you get way more out of the money that is already in your life.

This is where most FFU’ers find 15% to 20% extra money without reducing their quality of life.

Pillar 3: Growth

This is where we get compounding working for you and rapidly increase your Net Worth and creating the assets that give you your freedom.

We do this by creating assets in the three primary asset groups, and eliminating any consumer debt you may have.

Module 5: Blitzing Your Debt

We’ll walk through step by step how to implement your debt blitzing strategy and put it onto autopilot. With this in place, you will be free of all debt, including your mortgage, in just three to seven years.

Module 6: Expanding Your Dough

Now we turn our focus to creating your assets that will give you your freedom starting with the Stock Market.

You’ll discover how to safely and securely invest in index trackers and know how to set up and automate your KISS strategy so you have this part of your freedom plan on autopilot.

You’ll also know how to evaluate any investments you currently have and know what to do with them to ensure they are working as hard as they should be for you.

By the end of this module you’ll not only know what to invest in and how, you’ll also know how to do it in the most cost effective way minimising tax and maximising your returns.

Module 7: Property Powers

In this module, besides covering the traditional income and growth property investing strategies, you’ll also learn how to invest in property without any of your own money and optimise your returns through new technology enabled property investment platforms.

This is also where we go deep into leverage and how to use this powerful method to accelerate your freedom, safely. This is really important when you don’t have time to wait for your freedom!

Module 8: Passive Passions

Discovering the multiple ways you can get money flowing into your life without you trading your time and energy for it.

Here we dive into the vast array of passive income business opportunities, understanding how each model works and what factors make them lucrative.

By the end of this module you’ll know what to look for and how to select passive income businesses that best align to your freedom plan and your personality.

Pillar 4: Protection

Module 9: Protection Pate

Peace of mind and freedom from financial worry are key elements of your freedom.

You can have loads of assets and a big bank balance but if you are always worrying about what may happen to your assets or your loved ones if something were to happen to you - there is no freedom.

This is the module where you get this peace of mind. By knowing how to protect yourself, those you love and your assets - as you create your financial freedom.

We’ll walk through step by step how to determine what insurances you need, how much you need, and most importantly which insurances you don’t need so you don’t waste any more money on these.

By the end of this module you’ll know exactly which wealth documents you need in place so you can breath out and relax knowing you and your loved ones are sorted if anything were to happen to you or your ability to earn money.

Pillar 5: Mastery and Momentum

Module 10: Mastery and Momentum

Creating financial freedom and living a consciously and authentically wealthy life is a way of being, not a problem to be solved.

With this module you get to integrate your freedom into your way of being.

Here you discover the Five Laws of Living a Consciously Wealthy life and the Four Elements of Mastery and how bringing them together makes your freedom journey effortless.

Ready to break free from debt, get passive income flow

and create your freedom?



If you feel like a beginner but keen and ready to get your
money stuff sorted…
If you are ready to start investing but nervous about getting it wrong…
If you don’t know who you can trust or what questions to ask…
If you are tired of money worries holding you back…
If you feel overwhelmed by money stuff…
If you know there is more out there for you…
AND You’re ready to move from simply existing to really living…
Then you’re in the right place.  
I would love you to experience the FFU journey…
Come and JOIN US today!




Each module is delivered to you via a series of short videos, and a training audio with transcripts, supplemented by workbooks, spreadsheets and tools for you to download and use to create your wealth feast.


Creating your wealth feast to support you for life is an on-going process, so modules are made available one at a time to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and have the space and time to implement them fully.


You will have access to all the training and tools for as long as you need them, being able to come back again and again to any specific aspect you want to master, depending on where you are in creating your financial freedom feast menu.


We’ve set up a dynamic series of support structures to keep you on track and support you every step of the way. From live Q&A calls with me, a private FFU community and customer support. We’re here to help when and how you need us most.


All the training audios, overview calls and Q&A's are recorded for you to download and listen to again and again, whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. Listen in your car, while you exercise, when you cook, in the bath… it’s your choice.


Seena Singh 
South Africa

Financial Freedom is a reality for me. I trust Ann because it’s working in my life. My money is growing in the stock market, my investment property portfolio is expanding and I have been able to leave my “day job” something I never dreamed would be possible.

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with 5 monthly payments of $297

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No Risk to You

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand I can use Financial Freedom University obligation free. I will receive online access to the Financial Freedom University Training Portal and if I’m not 100% satisfied, I’ll get all my money back no questions asked. I understand I must notify The Wealth Chef within 30 days if I want a refund, besides, with the live event and all the bonuses after 30 days – I want in!

Sofia Wren

I started investing, saved thousands off my car loan and am so much happier now, and more in touch with my faith and intuition than ever. I have finally cut through my fears of managing my own money. FFU gave me the space to breath and birth my true calling.

Will this WORK FOR ME?

If you’ve read this far, then I know you’re serious but there could be a few things going through your mind. Thing like…

“I don’t have enough time for something else.”

The last thing you and I want is something else on our to do list. That is where FFU is unique. With years of experience helping people incorporate wealth into their way of being I know what works for FFU’ers success.

That’s why the entire programme had been intentionally structured to help you absorb the content efficiently and get your money supporting you fast.

Unfortunately, too many of us sacrifice the “important” for the “urgent” and never get to those things that really make the difference. If you want to make the kind of progress you’re after, you have to reverse that pattern.

I always say. “The best time to get money working for you was 20 years ago, the second best time is today”.

Don’t put your dreams and freedom ‘on ice’! If you want to create the life you really desire with your money supporting you, you must start now.

If not now, when?

“How is this different from other courses?

FFU is the ONLY financial literacy and wealth creation course that comprehensively integrates both the technical and behavioral aspects of money and wealth creation.

There are many “Money Mindset” programmes out there but they don’t cover how you actually manage your money day to day, get out of debt, create and build wealth in each asset class and protect yourself and your assets.

There are also many programmes on how to invest in one specific asset class or with one strategy, how to trade or do a no money down property deal or build a passive income business but don’t give you the full picture or teach you how to design your full financial freedom plan which brings all these different elements together.

FFU does all of this and more. It quite literally is your one-stop-freedom-shop which you will have access to for life.

"I’m really bad with math and I don’t like numbers. I don’t know if I have what it takes."

The good news is being great with money and creating wealth has very little to do with math or being good with numbers.

Everyone has what it takes to be good with money and live financially free. With FFU you will discover that being financially free has very little to do with math and numbers and far more to do with mastering yourself.

Plus, you also get all the tools you need to make the “numbers” stuff far simpler than you may think it is and step by step instructions on how to use them.

If others have lead you to believe you can’t do this, it’s time to let go of their labels and reclaim your freedom like Debby and Katherine did.

"I travel a lot. How can I make this work."

Many online training programmes only allow you to consume the material online and only give you access for a limited period. I don’t believe that is supportive of you achieving your freedom. Wealth is something that needs to be woven and integrated into your life and you need to be able to do it from anywhere and whenever it works best for you.

So, because you getting the training and financial empowerment you need is way more important to us than worrying that this information may end up being shared, you are able to download the training so you can access it offline AND you have lifetime access meaning you can never “fall behind.”

Creating your financial freedom is a journey, not a one hit wonder and Financial Freedom University has been designed to support you in your success and fit into your lifestyle.

You’ll learn at the pace that works best for you, in the format that works best for you and when it works best for you.

You also get a Financial Freedom Achievement Tracker which lets you set your own pace and celebrate your achievement as you make progress through the training and all your Financial Freedom training materials will be there for you for as long as you need them.

"What if I don’t have any investments yet? Will this help me figure out how to free up money and start investing?"

While some FFU’ers have some investments around the place when they start FFU - many start with no investments yet in place at all.

FFU teaches you how to create new assets (investments) and how to evaluate the assets (investments) you may already have and determine what to do with them to ensure they are working for you and not the person that sold them to you and that they fit into your FInancial Freedom Plan.

FFU is so much more than just teaching you how to create assets that earn you income and create your financial freedom. In FFU you determine exactly where you are right now in your money world, what you need in place to be financially free, the step by step path to get you there, how to free up money to fill up your asset pots and increase the flow into your life, how to eliminate debt, and how to free yourself from money worries so you enjoy the entire journey.

"I’m going through a big life change right now, should I wait until I’m more settled before I do FFU?"

Life is about change. When we are in transition it is easy to believe we don’t have the “head-space”, time or energy to deal with our financial well being and when things have “calmed down” and “settled” we’ll get to it.

The truth is - there is possibly nothing more important during these times of change than ensuring you are supported and safe financially and that you are making financial decisions based on solid financial foundations and information.

The question is, how committed are you to your financial transformation and what will waiting another minute cost you as compared to what you would gain if you start now?

"I’ve got debt. I really want to learn everything in Financial Freedom University but shouldn’t I clear my debt first?"

After years of helping people create Financial Freedom Ann has discovered that if you only focus on one aspect of your finances without the full financial freedom framework and learn how to create assets that expand and build your wealth at the same time you are setting yourself up for failure.

Energy flows where focus goes and you must focus on where you want to end up - which is your freedom. Without the skills and habits of managing your money through wealth pie, paying yourself first, ensuring your insurances are right, and learning how to invest and create assets, at the same time as implementing the powerful debt blitzing strategy, you will end up with an empty asset drawer and your money will not be able to work for you.

So if you don’t feel ready to start because you are waiting until you have all your money “stuff” sorted out, or until things are just more settled then STOP. Understand this, those things will get sorted out once you choose to value yourself, once you invest in your financial future first.

"How do I get my spouse on board?"

Many FFU’ers start this amazing journey locked in a less-than-nurturing money dynamic with their partner which is why in Module 4 there is a lesson on how to get your loved ones onboard and supporting you to achieve financial freedom. Plus I am giving you two bonus tickets to FFU Live so you can bring your partner along.

A recent survey reported that nearly half of people in a relationship say they argue about money and money stress is often a major factor in why couples split up.
What’s so crazy is that money is such a great opportunity for you and your partner to draw closer and take your relationship to a whole new level. Yep, you heard me right! Talking, sharing your dreams, designing your freedom plan and sharing your money fears can significantly improve a relationship.

Once you learn how to have those conversations in an empowered and fun way, you will be amazed how the stress can just melt away. Even better, working together, not against each other, is sure to deepen your respect and love. That is why

When you share with your partner why you are joining FFU, focus on why being empowered financially is so important to you and what financial freedom will enable you to do and have and create and experience.

And remember, certainty always wins. If you’re certain in your commitment to FFU, your spouse will be certain with you. You have to talk to them about this as an investment in yourself & your life, about the potential further return, the savings you’ll make, how it will support you, your relationships & your future.

"I’m worried I’ve left my financial freedom too late."

Louise Hay was 60 years old when she founded her own company and published her book – exactly the way she wanted it to be. Thankfully she believed that we are never too old for anything. This was a woman who learned to paint in her 70's and play the piano in her 80's. Age was never a factor for her, and it isn’t a factor for you either.

The only factor where your age is relevant is that you no longer want to waste your precious time worrying about your financial well being, whether you’ll be safe and secure in your old age or having to keep working just to get by. Nor do you want to spend your time depriving yourself or not being able to do the things you still want to experience in life. That is exactly why you can’t wait any longer to learn how to get assets working for you and how to do it fast.

The great thing is assets have no opinion about your age - they will happily earn income for whoever understands them.

What you have is now and now is the time to create your freedom.

Lee Randall
South Africa

FFU has taken me from clueless, to being a savvy investor.  I was about to turn 50, was working 60+ hours per week and battling to cover my monthly expenses. Now I am exploring a buy-to-let property investment, buying stocks and moving forward on passive income options. The wealthy mindset stuff has been extremely valuable, my old poverty mindset went deeper than I realised.

For more inspirational stories from FFU'ers around the world  


FFU’ers range from employees and self employed, to business owners and stay at home parents. They are nurses, teachers, coaches, doctors, accountant, engineers, actors, authors and writers, creatives and change makers. They are women and men, married and single, some have kids and others don’t, and they range in age from seventeen to seventy four, from forty eight countries.

Together they have accumulated over five hundred million dollars in assets, eliminated over $2 million in debt, created literally thousands of different income streams, and now, experience a freedom for themselves they never imagined freedom. 

…What they have in common is a deep desire to be free of financial limitations and worries. And to live their lives fully, authentically and wholeheartedly – on their terms, with money supporting them and no longer suppressing them.

If this sounds like you, then Financial Freedom University is for you.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt you want the power of money supporting you. You know it’s your path to financial freedom and creating the life you love. And it’s a commitment to grow and express the highest version of who you are free of financial limitations.


It’s NOT for the Tire Kicker

This is the person who just wants to ‘kind of’ check things out. You can’t ‘kind of’ create a transformation in your financial reality and build a big pile of juicy assets that earn money for you night and day. Success doesn’t just 'kind of’ happen. You have to be intentional about creating your financial freedom right from the get go.

Getting these types of results takes a commitment. Would you want to tandem skydive with someone who ‘kind of’ knew which tag to pull? Or go into surgery with a doctor who ‘kind of’ knew what she was doing? Hell no!

FFU is for people who are committed to transforming what they know about creating asset generated income and having money support them and not suppress them. If the commitment isn’t there, then this is NOT the right program for you and I ask that you please don’t sign up.

It’s NOT for the Silver Bullet Seeker

You know who I’m talking about? This is the person that thinks that just by buying the programme all their money problems will be sorted. Creating your financial freedom takes commitment and it requires action. You have to implement.

If you apply what you learn, you will get result - fast. But the result won’t come without you being involved. You have to actually apply what you learn.

It’s NOT for the Unique Unicorn or the Know It All

What I’ll be sharing with you works. It created my financial freedom and has kept me financially free for 12 years and it has gone on to create that freedom for FFU’ers of every age, sex, race and nationality - some starting deep in debt, others just starting out with no clue as to their next step, to those with investments but uncertain as to whether they have enough or how if they are performing as well as they should; to those ready to invest but afraid of getting it wrong. So if you’re someone who focuses on why things “won’t work”, then this is not for you either.

Many of the strategies are counter intuitive and that’s partly why they work so well. After all, if you already knew all this you would already be financially free with all the income you need flowing in from your assets. You must be open to what I’m sharing otherwise it’s going to be a frustrating journey for both of us.

If you are ready to step up into a bigger vision for yourself...

If you are ready to master your money stuff and have assets earning income for you...

If you are ready to create your freedom and have everything that would mean for you - a bigger, more fulfilled lifestyle, and bigger positive impact in the world...

...then I look forward to working with you to show you how.

You Are Just Moments Away from Gaining Access to
EVERYTHING You Need When You Join
Financial Freedom University.

When you ENROLL in Financial Freedom University 3.0...



  • NEW! 10 CORE Training Modules 
  • NEW! Worksheets + Tools + Case Studies + Alternative Investing Masterclasses
  • PLUS: 5 Live Module Overview Training & Coaching Calls with ME!

TOTAL VALUE = FFU $1997 + BONUSES - Value = $11 267

Made up of...


Value = $ 8385.00

  • 1 Year of Monthly Q&A and Mentoring with Ann.   Value = $ 4997.00
  • Recording of Financially Free You Live.              Value = $ 397.00
  • Membership of the FFU Private Facebook group Value = $ 997.00

FREE Bonus training programmes -

Value = $885.00

  • Squeezing the Juice 30 Day Challenge.        Value = $ 297.00
  • How To Design Your Unique Wealthy Life. Value = $ 197.00
  • Healing Money Shame.                                    Value = $ 197.00
  • Creating Money Savvy Kids.                            Value = $ 97.00
  • How To Ride The Variable Income Waves.  Value = $97.00

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Create the Life and Freedom YOU Deserve
Know all your financial needs are sorted
Live the lifestyle you desire
Experience earning money without you working for it
Feel safe and secure about your old age
Travel the world and soak up life experiences
Contribute more to the things you feel passionate about
Live life fully on your terms

Final inspiration from Ann – Choose Freedom

Look, it doesn’t matter to me if you invest in this training or whether you find another way to become financially free. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before it’s too late and you no longer have a choice.

Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your financial freedom faster than delaying decisions.

As you will discover – TIME is one of your most important wealth ingredients so don’t waste any more of it on indecision. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, secure your spot and live the best version of your life possible.

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Stan and Nadia Slater Qatar

Your life will literally be poorer if you do not learn this stuff! It’s delivered in such an easy to digest way, you can listen, watch and read the material again and again to cement its principles into your life. Our life is richer for being FFUers.

Make 2021 Your Wealthiest Year Ever

Become an FFU'er and enroll today

Earnings Disclaimer –

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