FFU LIVE! 2019

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FINALLY! Wealth and investment training designed SPECIFICALLY for conscious people committed to creating abundant wealth AND living their unique wealthy life

...all without compromising their values!

September 20th - 23rd | London | United Kingdom

Early Bird Special Discount:

$497 $195 (60% off)

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Freedom Workshop Event Recordings 

The complete recordings of Ann's powerful 1 day Freedom Workshop event + workbook so you can start preparing for FFU live now.

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Squeeze The Juice 30 Day Challenge 

So you can be super clear where your money is flowing and free up loads so you can invest more.

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...In just three days, you'll be ready to step into your wealthy life with your personal financial freedom plan in place, clarity on your next step, the skills to make it happen and all the confidence that comes with knowledge, skills, empowerment and support!

  • No more wondering if you will ever be able to stop working.
  • No more being the slave to money.
  • No more stressful, panicked sessions looking at your finances (or not looking at them).
  • No more doubt and uncertainty as to what assets are best for you to invest in and how to actually do it from where you are starting.
  • No more fear about making mistakes and getting it all wrong. 
  • No more wondering when you're ever going to be able to do the things you love and have more time to actually live life!

This is the first step!

You will have everything you need to create and live your rich, juicy life with assets earning you all the income you need and money supporting and serving you so you can get out there and live the greatest version of your life!

So what exactly is Financially Free You Live?

Financially Free You Live is the COOLEST, most EXCLUSIVE, most FUN, most CONTENT-PACKED Wealth Building event of the year.

During the intensive, high energy, high impact three day live training event YOU will get EVERYTHING you need to know to become financially free no matter your starting point.

Whether you...

...are deeply in debt with a large part of your income being swallowed by bills and repayments and find it hard to even imagine assets earning you all the income you need and more...

...are just getting by month to month but can’t see how to free up money to invest or how to create assets which can earn income for you without lots of money to start with...

...have investments and want to get them working harder for you so you can ease up a bit or shorten your time to freedom,

then Financially Free You Live will give you the vital skills, knowledge and mindset you need to be well on your way to Financial Freedom and Security.

Feel confident knowing you have
a plan and the skills to create it.
Financially Free You Live 
will show you how.

 - What people are saying about FINANCIALLY FREE YOU LIVE -

“most inspirational, educational, and transformational weekend”

​“There are many guides who cross our paths in the journey we call life, and not all do we see, not all do we hear, and few do we follow… But I can say with all my heart I feel so grateful for you crossing mine…”


​Darran Hughes

United Kingdom


“So glad I put my financial freedom first”

​“I am so glad that I put my financial freedom first and attended the FFU live event. It was the most inspiring weekend, I met so many amazing people and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity and learning.”


​Marie-Anne Duarte

South Africa

“It has ignited a fire deep within my heart”

​“FFU Live - South Africa! What an amazing experience. It was an absolute honor to be part of the SA experience - the warmth, passion and courage of the group and this wonderful nation has ignited a fire deep within my heart that will stay with me always!!!! A truly awesome experience. - thank you so much!!”


​Maria Huntsman

United Kingdom


“FFU Live Rocked my world”

​“FFU Live rocked my world and showed me how to have wealth and money in my life. This was the best thing I have ever done for my finances and my wealth.”


​Kara Grant

United Kingdom

“renewed energy and confidence”

​“THANK YOU for an amazing weekend at FFU live. It was inspiring, motivating, emotional, uplifting and a bunch of other words I can’t even find!! Now I have a way out and much faster than I thought.”


​Lilli Badcock

United Kingdom


“reignited my belief in myself”

​“I had an incredible 3 days at FFU live and met such inspiring and courageous people. You have reignited my belief in myself and I feel truly blessed to be part of this wonderful community of inspiring and courageous people.”


Lindsey Whitaker

United Kingdom

Who will you be hanging out with?

The mindset and confidence you pick up from the people you get to meet at Financially Free You Live is second-to-none. There’s nothing like bumping into a fellow Wealth Chef already achieving awesome results to boost your confidence. It’s like flipping a wealth switch in your head from doubt and uncertainty to “Wow, I really can do this!”

There’s a ton of Wealth Chef’s in the Making who make a pilgrimage to re-attend Financially Free You Live every year.

.… you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with some of my own wealth advisors, special guests and some of my private clients and Gourmet Wealth Chefs. Fully understanding the value of their time they don’t just jump on a plane to attend every event that comes along – yet they come every year to join us.

So why do these AMAZINGLY successful INDIVIDUALS return to Financially Free You Live each year?

They do it to sharpen their skills and learn powerful new wealth building strategies and techniques… to establish new relationships and strengthen their knowledge… to hear me spill the beans (even more) on the nitty-gritty, behind the scenes wealth creation stuff…to roll their sleeves up working on creating their financial freedom feast… to see what kind of crazy stunt I’m going to pull off next… and quite frankly to immerse themselves in wealth consciousness as they relax, unwind and have an awesome time with other really smart, really committed people who believe in creating a feast of this life.

They know how important their peer group is…...

how vital it is to you, your dreams and your wealth that you have people in your life that just get you, that support your dreams and will hold you to account.

You know that too, right?

Well these are the people you will meet at Financially Free You Live and by connecting with them and working with them while you create your freedom plan you will create lifelong friendships with amazing big hearted people like you who are on the same journey as you and who will move forward with you, encourage you and never drag you back.

What have I got in store for you at Financially Free You Live 2019?

I’ve already started working on the agenda for this year (I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve for you this time around, too)… and I can ALREADY tell you this year is going to be even more amazing than the last and we’re going to have an even more rocking time. One more thing, I just don’t do those multi speaker sell-a-thons. I will be personally up on stage for 90% of the time.

This is MY event, and I LOVE sharing with you from the stage for these three days! I do have two very special guest speakers— I always keep my speakers under wraps until we all get to the event, but I’ve got great ones coming this year who will blow your mind with no-money down property strategies and automated online business income streams!

In short – Financially Free You Live 2019 is going to be 200% awesome. Simply put, you will not find this level of teaching, networking, inspiration, and community anywhere else and your wealth feast will thank you for it.

Here's what you will learn?

Financially Free You Live will take your understanding of money and your own wealth creation to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether you are still getting to grips with your wealth fundamentals, destroying your debt or just getting started…...

You’ll learn how to take your skills and your knowledge deeper… how to think about your wealth in a bigger, richer way… and how to create your financial freedom plan and execute it even more effectively and faster!

You will break through any barriers which may still be holding you back and you’ll get total clarity on your next steps with the confidence to take massive action!


Let’s remember, we also have loads of fun at Financially Free You Live. With the surprise guest speakers, the monkey money toss (yep, you read that right!), the gourmet gala dinner and all the other fun antics I’ve got planned for you – it’s the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your wealth destiny at a whole new level – after all that is what life should be about, letting your money support you as you create a rich, fun-filled juicy life now.

Secure Your Spot Now!

If you know you are meant to lead a big purposeful life, if you have what it takes to create your own destiny….if you believe in the possibility of financial freedom for yourself…Then give yourself this gift of three high energy, powerful days, with a group of like minded people, focusing on you and your wealth – learning, laughing, growing and creating an incredible financial freedom foundation to support you for life.

 - What people are saying about FINANCIALLY FREE YOU LIVE -

“highlight of my life”

“Flying all the way from Melbourne for FFU Live was a highlight of my life. I’ll be attending every year as the energy, training and friends I made propelled me through the whole year.”

Susan Mills



“Brilliant and Emotional ... FFU Live made me realise there is more to me”

​“FFU Live Everybody was so welcoming, it was so interesting. I must congratulate you, as I have never been on a course with somebody doing so much content, without me getting bored. It was absolutely brilliant.”

Nancy Kennewell

United Kingdom

“Life changing on multi levels”

​“FFU Live was life changing on multi levels. Not only has my financial intelligence taken a gigantic leap, but so has my net worth, self-belief and my focus.”

Amanda Alexander & John Walker United Kingdom

“Fantastic supportive community”

​“FFU Live is Fantastic. You build so many connections with people. It is such a supportive community. FFU Live and the training go so well together.”

Heidi Sterberg

United Kingdom


“FFU Live has turned my life around”

​“FFU Live has been the most amazing experience. I have made new family that are my new family for support and to hold me accountable. It is a life changing event that has turned my life around.”

Lyneth Faure

South Africa

“a mind-blowing experience”

​“I signed up for the course and the first thing I did was come to find the event, sign up and make sure I got a seat. My biggest take-away is just...so many. From very practical advice to my vision and what I want to do in the world.”

Samantha Russell

United Kingdom

Create the Life and Freedom YOU Deserve
Know all your financial needs are sorted
Live the lifestyle you desire
Experience earning money without you working for it
Feel safe and secure about your old age
Travel the world and soak up life experiences
Contribute more to the things you feel passionate about
Live life fully on your terms


The Sheraton Skyline Hotel at Heathrow, is our host venue for FFU Live UK 2019!

Set on the A4 road, this modern airport hotel is less than a mile from Heathrow Airport, and 17 miles from Central London.

Contemporary rooms come with work desks, flat-screen TVs and 2 hours of free Wi-Fi. Some rooms can sleep 4 people. Club rooms and suites add unlimited free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, and access to a hospitality lounge with free snacks and drinks. Some quarters have runway views.

There's an Indian restaurant, an American-themed bar and grill, a cafe, and a tropical-style bar next to an indoor pool. There's also a fitness room, a gift shop and meeting rooms. Secured booking rates - subject to availability.

Financially Free You Live 2019

20th, 21st & 23rd September 2019

Heathrow – London - United Kingdom

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