Financially Free You Live Diamond Experience

Many FFUers share with me that the combination of the powerful training within Financial Freedom University and the energy and in person Diamond experience at the Financially Free You Live Event is what ensured their freedom.

NOTE: There are limited Diamond Experience spaces available at the FFU Live event, but if you are seeing this page it means there are still Diamond spots available and you can secure one of these for yourself now, so you can relax knowing you will get the most out of your FFU Live event experience and have all you need to be free.

FFU Live is the COOLEST, most EXCLUSIVE, most FUN, most CONTENT-PACKED Wealth Building event of the year.

My events are always super high-value and high-impact and the people who attend have always left knowing they not only made significant breakthroughs in their wealth journey but also got 10x the cost in value.

You can make FFU Live even MORE exclusive, impactful and life transforming… because as a FFU live event ticket holder you have the opportunity to upgrade your experience and attend as a Diamond Guest.

Right now you have an opportunity to convert your general entry basic event ticket into the FULL DIAMOND EVENT EXPERIENCE.

Utilise your seat deposit so you pay only $199 for all your Diamond Experience benefits!



$394 only pay $199

15th , 16th & 17th February 2019

Rondebosch - Cape Town - South Africa

Please note diamond event spaces are limited. We simply don’t have enough space to fit everyone. In addition to new FFUers there’s a ton of FFU Owners who make a pilgrimage to re-attend every year and they always come as Diamonds.

And it’s NOT just FFUers at the event…as a Diamond you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with some of my own wealth advisors, special guests, my private clients and Gourmet Wealth Chefs.

So what exactly is my Diamond Experience?

The Diamond experience is designed to give you the ultimate experience at FFU Live.

Here is what it includes:

  • Private VIP only networking room to relax between sessions, network and for morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Intimate “Closed Door” VIP extra training and Q&A sessions with Ann and her Wealth Mentors
  • VIP Lunches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (prime networking and connection time)
  • Diamond Wealth Chef gift bag full of great goodies to use on your Wealth Journey
  • Bespoke Wealth Journal
  • Front-of-the-Room Seating at the event each day
  • Fast-Lane VIP Registration (avoid the lines!)
  • Diamond designation on your name badge so you can identify the other Diamonds
  • Early entrance into the workshop room each day
  • Other special gifts and surprises

Here’s Why Your Diamond Experience at FFU Live Is A Must


The mindset and confidence you pick up from the people you get to meet at a Live FFU workshop is second-to-none. There’s nothing like bumping into a fellow FFUers already achieving awesome results to boost your confidence.

It’s like flipping a wealth switch in your head from doubt and uncertainty to “Wow, I really can do this!”

As a Diamond you also get more connection opportunities to meet and hangout with your fellow Diamonds and Ann’s special event guests and Wealth Advisors PLUS you get more time with Ann.


The FFU Live workshop will take your understanding of money and your own wealth creation to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve completed the course, whether you’re still getting to grips with your wealth fundamentals, destroying your debt or just getting started—you’ll learn how to take your skills and your knowledge deeper… how to think about your wealth in a bigger, richer way… and how to create your financial freedom plan and execute it even more effectively and faster!

You will break through any barriers which may still be holding you back and you’ll get total clarity on your next steps with the confidence to take massive action!

As a Diamond you get to be in the front of the room so you don’t miss a thing and more of your questions get answered by Ann directly.


You know how important your peer group is. You understand how vital it is to you, your dreams and your wealth that you have people in your life that just get you, that support your dreams and will hold you to account.

These are the people you will meet as a Diamond at FFU Live and by working with them during the workshop, connecting with them during your meals and sharing a sumptuous gala dinner with them you will create lifelong friendships. These are the people who are on the same journey as you, who will move forward with you, not drag you back.


Let’s remember, we also have loads of fun at FFU Live. With the surprise guest speakers, the monkey money toss (yep, you read that right!), the Diamond gala dinner and all the other fun antics I’ve got planned for you – it’s the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your wealth destiny at a whole new level – after all that is what life should be about, letting your money support you as you create a rich, fun-filled juicy life now. Ann always sneaks in some special surprises for her Diamonds.




$394 only pay $199

15th , 16th & 17th February 2019

Rondebosch - Cape Town - South Africa

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If you know you are meant to lead a big purposeful life, if you have what it takes to create your own destiny….if you believe in the possibility of financial freedom for yourself…Then give yourself this gift of three high energy, powerful days, with a group of like minded people, focusing on you and your wealth – learning, laughing, growing and creating an incredible financial freedom foundation to support you for life.

Your information is safe and your order will be processed immediately on our secure server.
You will receive an email confirmation of your Diamond Booking.